30 Days of SwiftUI

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C01 - ???? Plus One Second

Timer with a button to plus one second per click.

C02 - ???? Dark Mode Test

Dark mode test with custom typeface display.

C03 - ???? Color Mixer

Color mixer with slider and SF Symbol.

C04 - ???? Typeface Comparison

A 3D rotate typeface comparison.

C05 - ???? Cat Scene

Yet an other SceneKit copycat.

C06 - ???? Text Field Animation

A text field animation inspired by a shot.

C07 - ???? Google Translate Demo

A real-world Google translate demo.

C08 - ???? Z Index Cards

Cards with z index animation.

C09 - ???? Breathing Animation

Apple Watch Breathing like animation.

C10 - ???? Clock Bedtime Schedule

A part iOS Clock bedtime schedule like gestures.

C11 - ???? SF Symbols Previewer

A SF symbols previewer with weight changing.

C12 - ???? Side Menu Interaction

Side menu interaction with custom symbols.

C13 - ????️ LiZhi Zhuangbi

A real-world random lyrics of #LiZhi under MVVM facilitates.

C14 - ???? Lottie Showcase

SwiftUI Lottie showcase.


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This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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