Calculate triangle area and circumference from user input sides

I am trying to write a program that calculates the area and the circumference of a triangle from the user's input. (They're supposed to input the sides).

This is all I have and for some reason (which I can't understand well enough to look up), it's not working.

        <title>Triangle's Area & Perimeter</title>
        <meta charset="UTF-8">
        <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
        <script type="text/javascript">

           function Triangle(side1,side2,side3){

                this.side1 = side1;
                this.side2 = side2;
                this.side3 = side3; 

                this.getArea = function(){
                     return s = (this.side1 + this.side2 + this.side3)/2;
                     area = squareRoot(s * (s-side1) * (s-side2) * (s-side3)); 

                this.getPerimeter = function(){
                    return side1 + side2 + side3;

                this.toString = function(){
                    return "The Triangle with sides = " + this.side1 + this.side2 + this.side3 + " has Area = " + this.getArea() + " and Perimeter = " + this.getPerimeter();

            function calculate(){

                var s = parseFloat(document.getElementById('side1','side2','side3').value);

                    document.getElementById('data').innerHTML = "Please  enter numbers only";

                    document.getElementById('data').innerHTML = "Negative  numbers and Zero don't   make   sense";

                var myTriangle = new Triangle();

                document.getElementById('data').innerHTML = myTriangle.toString();


    <h3>Program Calculates Area and Perimeter of Triangles</h3>
    <p>Enter the side1: <input type="text" id="side1" value="" />
    <p>Enter the side2: <input type="text" id="side2" value="" />
    <p>Enter the side3: <input type="text" id="side3" value="" />
    <input type="button"  value="Calculate"  onClick="calculate()" /></p>

    <p id="data"></p>


There are a couple of minor mistakes here, so let's start. First, let's have a look at the input:

var s = parseFloat(document.getElementById('side1','side2','side3').value);

We need to know the three different sides in all our calculations, so let's retrieve the inputs separately:

var s1 = parseFloat(document.getElementById('side1')
  , s2 = parseFloat(document.getElementById('side2')
  , s3 = parseFloat(document.getElementById('side3');

Next we will need to run your validations on all three numbers, changing the following conditionals to:

if(isNaN(s1) || isNaN(s2) || isNaN(s3))

... and ...

if(s1<=0 || s2<=0 || s3<=0)

Finally we'll need to pass all the values to our Triangle constructor:

var myTriangle = new Triangle(s1, s2, s3);

Next, let's have a look at our Triangle object. The getPerimeter() function works well, so no need to touch that. To get the area of a triangle from its sides we can use Heron's formula, which you've attempted. Here's a working implementation using our already defined getPerimeter() function:

this.getArea = function(){
  var p = this.getPerimeter() / 2;
  return Math.sqrt(p * (p - side1) * (p - side2) * (p - side3));

Here is a working JSFiddle with all the fixes. Note that I did some other clean-ups as well, like cache the DOM nodes. (You'll need to put the JavaScript code within <script> tags at the end of your <body> element for it to work.)

Calculate triangle area and circumference from user input sides
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