Terminal-based spreadsheets and wordprocessor?

Are there any (good) terminal based (ie. runs in a VT, not in GUI/X) spreadsheets or wordprocessors for Unix/Linux? Can anybody remember the name of such programs which were popular before (eg. before X became so widespread)?

I know the "correct" way of doing wordprocessing in Unix is using a markup-language like LaTeX or GROFF together with a simple editor like vi or emacs... But what I'm wondering about, is if there is - or was (anybody remember an older program that did this?) - something like the old MS-DOS (pre-Windows) WordPerfect-like program for Unix? Where you didn't have true WYSIWYG, but where things like emphesize and underline was marked in the text with colors, reverse video and such.

Programs that are more "front ends" for LaTeX or some XML-format to create wordprocess-documents are also of interest, provided they use the terminal and use colors and such to mark things like emphesized text (rather than you see the latex format-code). Eg. you press CTRL-I, the text you write turns reverse video, and is written to file inbetween format-codes for emphesize.

Terminal-based spreadsheets and wordprocessor?
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