Google Analytics trackevent in single-page web app

What is the best (most practical) way to use Google Analytics trackevent for tracking "pageviews" in a single-page web app? trackevent takes four arguments: CATEGORY, ACTION, LABEL, VALUE. The last two are optional. Which field should I use for the view title? A "view" in a single-page web app corresponds to a page in a normal web app.

I can see two options:

1) trackevent('Navigation', 'View title');
2) trackevent('Navigation', 'Click', '', 'View title'); 
trackevent('Navigation', 'Redirect', '', 'View title');

Of course one can do either, but which option is best when it comes to analyzing the data in Google Analytics?


I found the answers in this excellent article: The Complete Google Analytics Event Tracking Guide Plus 10 Amazing Examples:

Google Analytics trackevent in single-page web app
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