How to install sshpass on Windows through Cygwin?

In the packages window of CygWin, when I type sshpass, nothing comes up. I tried installing similar packages like openssh etc hoping one of them contains sshpass but no luck.


sshpass is not available as Cygwin package. This means that you need to build and install from source. To build sshpass on Windows (Cygwin):

$ curl -LO http://downloads.sourceforge.net/sshpass/sshpass-1.06.tar.gz
$ md5sum sshpass-1.06.tar.gz

Build and install to /usr/local/bin:

$ tar xvf sshpass-1.06.tar.gz
$ cd sshpass-1.06
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

Which installs two files

  • the executable /usr/local/bin/sshpass
  • man page /usr/local/share/man/man1/sshpass.1

Your Cygwin install needs to have the required tools: curl to download, tar to extract, and autoconf, make and gcc to build. I'll assume reader familiarity with installing packages on Cygwin.

How to install sshpass on Windows through Cygwin?
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